Blueprint For Winning In Life

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About Course

Based on the book, 10 Days To Living A Transformed Life, this book will provide you with key principles he used to overcome difficult times. This video series will also begin to set the foundation of what it means to have a Kingdom Identity.

Every person born into this world was born with an amazing potential to make a difference with his or her life. Unfortunately, all too often we get stuck. This course will take you by the hand and show you God’s blueprint for your life.

What Will You Learn?

  • * Foundational Keys To Understanding Your Kingdom Identity
  • * Immediately gain a new perspective about any situation good or bad
  • * How to WIN no matter what you are facing
  • * A personal life-map anyone can follow for achieving your dreams

Course Content

I Am More Than What I Am Currently Experiencing!
In this section, we will take a close look at where your personal definition comes from and how it affects us. We will either hold onto past definitions or embrace what God sees and declares for our life.

  • I Am More Than What I Am Experiencing In Life
  • Lesson 1
  • My Conclusions About Who I Am And What I Am Capable of Do Not Come From My Past or Present Definitions
  • Lesson Quiz 2
  • I am created to supersede and rise above the dictates of my environment; not to be controlled by it.
  • Lesson Quiz 3
  • I Am Complete And The Moment I Come Into That Awareness is The Moment I Start Experiencing It!
  • Lesson Quiz 4
  • I Believe That Limitless Living Can Only Be Found By An Identity Capable of Supporting It!
  • Lesson 5 Quiz
  • I Believe That My Genesis IS In God!
  • Lesson 6 Quiz
  • I Believe That All Humnaity Has Been Restored To Live In Harmony of Their Original Design And Blueprint.
  • Lesson 7 Quiz
  • I Believe That God’s Grace Gift To The World is The Finished And Completed Work Which Took Place Through Jesus Christ!
  • Lesson Quiz 8
  • I Believe… It is This Good News That Leads Me To a Radical Mind Shift Where It Concerns My Identity, Original Blueprint And Design of What is Truly Possible For My Life!
  • Lesson Quiz 9
  • I Believe… Once This Truth is Discovered It Leads Me To Understand That “I AM ENOUGH!”
  • Lesson Quiz 10

Next Steps…
Congratulations on Completing This Course, Now The Question is What's Next?

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